2 wins in 9 years – Rangers hoodoo ends today

2 wins in 9 years – Rangers hoodoo ends today
This guy definitely had the Indian sign over us.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

A lot has been made of Rangers’ admittedly atrocious record at Rugby Park.

Now, it’s easy to say ‘it’s the pitch’ but that’s just not true – Livi and Hamilton have the same terrible plastic and we’ve won on these grounds quite a few times over the year, but when it comes to Rugby Park, yes, we’ve had a real problem with Killie.

Many words are being said about this being Steven Gerrard’s first real test with his reinvigorated Rangers.

And there’s something definitely more true about that than usual.

He’d already won at Parkhead when we went there and did it again, and he’s certainly proven himself in Europe.

But what he and his predecessors have struggled for years with is Killie, and winning at a team who, under Dyer or previous manager Steve Clarke, have been able to repeatedly scalp Rangers.

Indeed, we have to go back to 2011 and the last great Walter team for the previous league win there before 2019’s gritty season opener, while 2016 of course gave us a rare cup win there. But that’s it.

So yes, there’s something to this, and there’s absolutely zero doubt today is Stevie’s massive league aspirations test.

True, there have already been many, and in truth Rangers slightly stumbled at Livi and Hibs already, but this one is different – this is Killie where we just don’t win. Not since Walter.

If Gerrard goes there today and gets the three points, it’s the most aggressive title statement yet, by a long way.

It’s even bigger than Celtic, because winning at Killie just doesn’t happen for Rangers any more.

But there’s a steel about this Rangers we saw in midweek, a steel we just haven’t seen in years. And that steel is going to be needed today.

Can we do it – absolutely!

Will we?

We must.

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