“£100M+” – How Stevie unearthed elite value

“£100M+” – How Stevie unearthed elite value
LIEGE, BELGIUM - OCTOBER 22: Glen Kamara of Rangers FC in action during the UEFA Europa League Group D stage match between Standard Liege and Rangers at Stade Maurice Dufrasne on October 22, 2020 in Liege, Belgium. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

And to follow on from the modestly-priced squad Rangers have assembled, is something we also need to look at – the potential and true value of these players, at those rock-bottom prices.

It’s been a recurring theme, bringing in cheap or free players and hiking their value, and so in this piece we want to look at the price the players cost, and what their potential value now is.


He was a free, and has no value. Too old. But we’ll be his last club so it’s a non-issue.


Also a free with no real value.


This is where it already gets juicy. A modest £300,000 from Wigan, but it’s clear to see his value has absolutely rocketed with top class performances this season. It’s not a stretch to argue a player of this talent, consistency, importance, and crucially, fitness (never injured) would be worth a tonne now. We believe the club wouldn’t consider anything less than £30M, and Gerrard confirmed that by saying he wasn’t for sale at all.


He’s having a good season and being valued by fans more now for what he does well. Which he deserves. He cost £3M but is a stalwart of this manager and while we as fans might not see Goldson as an obvious £15M defender, his manager wouldn’t ever want to sell him. So that hikes the cost anyone would have to pay.


Ok he’s out injured but he has the tools to be a top top defender if he can learn the subtle arts of defending. He cost £2M and with a top run in the team and proving himself over time could transcend £10M. But at the moment, he’s still worth what we paid.


Has had a brilliant season, one match aside, and cost £3M – but of a good age and he’s an international and his value is definitely more now. Probably approaching at least double, at £6M.


About £300,000 and not had enough of a run in the team to prove himself as anything yet. There’s only vague potential here, and we don’t know if he’ll realise it at Ibrox.


He was a free, and he’s had injury issues his whole career – he’s not the youngest, and probably lacks any resale value at all. But he is of a good level for this club. Not one we’re looking at for profit.


This is where it gets even juicier – a simple £1.5M seemed like a waste of money for so long, but that free kick in Paisley ignited him, and now he produces his international form for his club. A Croatia international at the peak of his career? He’s worth anything above £30M, especially if crock Tierney could set Arsenal back £25M.


The biggest bargain of the lot? The pathetic £50K we shelled out looks like an insult, as this player, bordering into world class, thrives. An international, comfortable at every level, Kamara is showing us now what he can do. He’s been quoted as unsellable, and it would take something well over £30M to make us consider the sale. He’s just too good to sell for anything less.


No resale value, too old. But such a fine signing for no money at all.


The value of this guy is the least discussed thing we’ve noticed since he joined – everyone else has been linked with someone at a particular cost, but Jack just isn’t. He is a great player for us on his day but he already looks like this will be his club well into his 30s. Does have his injury issues, but his value is only to this team, and he doesn’t seem to have anyone courting him. Transfermarkt has him at £1.5M and that seems probably about right. But he’s invaluable to Rangers.


He’s only on loan right now, but will cost us around £4M when/if we buy him. We can’t yet project any rise in his value.


Not worth much because of his age, but like Jack, invaluable on so many levels to his club.


This is another juicy one. A pathetic £300,000 to Charlton and he’s now a UEL regular and an international player. He has all the potential in the world and all the tools to realise that potential and become world class. Right now he’s probably about £5M tops, but in time that could easily times by 4 or more.


A talented player let down by lack of strength and pace – but he makes up for it with intelligence and awareness. We call him our lockpick, a word we’ve seen our readers appreciate for him. Quality little player, but probably not worth much more yet than the fee we paid. £3M.


Cost £1M. Will (maybe) be sold in the future for a big profit, and the club has put a £20M pricetag on his head. It’s a story told a million times before so we’ll not labour the point.


Cost £4M. It could rise if he impresses but we’re not sure he’s one with a tonne of potential really. He’s probably about the value we paid.


£300,000 and shows glimpses of being worth more but yet to secure that consistency and prove his quality long term. Maybe a million if we’re generous.


A free, but an international and those are lucrative. This guy has talent, and has put in performances for his country. Not an absolute favourite of the manager, but price and value would rise if he got in more minutes and proved himself. Potential of being a £10M player but has all the work in the world to prove it.


Cost £7.5M and has all the tools to be a £20M winger, and we’ll see how he develops in time. Right now he’s worth around £10M, as Leeds offered. His form is presently a little lacking, but when he’s back in the zone he’s an easy £20M player.


Cost £3M and one sizzling goal aside hasn’t done much to prove his worth yet. We’re waiting on this one. Worth what we paid and that’s it.


A free, and worth nothing but his value to the squad and staff as a true pro. So in many ways, priceless.

In summary – Rangers have not expensively assembled their squad, but they have used shrewd awareness to snap up hidden gems and now the squad is teeming with high-value commodities like Morelos, Barisic, Kamara, Aribo and Tavernier. Those five alone are worth well into the £100M+ region combined, just looking at their value and assets.

And that’s the nature of our dealings – buy up cheap, build a gem, and suddenly:

The value is through the roofe.

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  1. Exciting times , we look like a proper football team again . Full of quality mostly international players , two for each position . Offield commercial deals , New Store/Museum project fabulous. But most importantly we are the best team in Scotland and one of best in Europa level too. Onwards 55

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