Why have Rangers not signed Jack Wilshere yet?

Why have Rangers not signed Jack Wilshere yet?
BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 28: Jack Wilshere of West Ham United and Aaron Cresswell of West Ham United look on prior to the Premier League match between AFC Bournemouth and West Ham United at Vitality Stadium on September 28, 2019 in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. (Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

As the Jack Wilshere to Rangers speculation continues to dominate the airwaves, we wonder why there is nothing to report in terms of actual news yet.

Wilshere has been out of contract for eight days now, and someone of his undeniable quality could easily do a job for most English Premiership clubs, who let’s face it would be able to pay his wages with loose change. The likes of Leeds United, Newcastle, Leicester even; at only 28 Wilshere is easily good enough, ability-wise to add something to these clubs. In truth, he’d quite possibly have done the business for West Ham if he’d been selected. He certainly maintains that he’s been fit and raring to go for the past 8 months.

The fact that he was released by them and the fact that nobody (including the Famous) is rushing to secure his signature surely has nothing to do with ability, so could it be down to personality? Whilst we can only speculate about what he’s like in the dressing room/training ground, those who have worked with him previously (Stevie G for example) will be far better placed to judge this.

Of course, he’s been blighted by injuries as well which might just deter a few people, however there’s being “unlucky” with injuries and then there’s not looking after yourself as a professional sportsperson, hence being a lot more prone to injuries. On the flip side, for example, we have our very own model professional in Jermain Defoe OBE. It’s no coincidence that he’s still in great shape at 38.

As someone who, until recently had been favouring the hard-working, likeable Brandon Barker over the more talented yet not training as hard Jordan Jones, we know that Stevie picks his players on more than just reputation/ability. It’s clear to see that morale is high at Ibrox just now, the players are playing with smiles on their faces and there’s an undeniable sense of team spirit throughout the squad.

Does Gerrard see Jack Wilshere as someone who could come in and upset that happy apple cart? We think back to Kyle Lafferty coming in a couple of seasons ago and of course Joey Barton and wonder if Jack Wilshere, despite his clear footballing ability, would fall into the category of those two?

This definitely isn’t a criticism of Wilshere, there are very few fans who aren’t desperate to see this lad in the famous light blue, and rightly so. However, it’s a hypothetical observation as to why we haven’t snapped him up already.

Personally, I hope that there is another explanation, and that Jack is indeed a character that would fit in well at Ibrox. We’re confident that he’d do the business on the park, so if there isn’t any worries about him off it, then surely it’s a matter of negotiating a deal and getting the lad signed up as quickly as possible?

We surely hope so.

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  1. or you know it’s cause he hasn’t played a full season of football in best part of 10 years and last thing we need is someone on massive wages sitting in the stands unable to cut it.

    He would be christian nerlinger all over again, Absolutely amazing for about 3 matches before he’s back in the stands for 2+ months.

  2. As part of his payoff he apparently has a no compete clause meaning he can’t sign for a English Premiership side. That’ll explain his, I wanna try something new interview. This one is probably all down to finances and a pay as you play balance being worked out if he’s to come up here at all.

  3. If anyone is entitled to a few grumps about the way his career has panned out then it would be Wilshere but he’s never really struck me as that type.

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