Was it the greatest? Rangers fans vote result on Roofe stunner

Was it the greatest? Rangers fans vote result on Roofe stunner
Rangers' Kemar Roofe celebrates after scoring during a soccer match between Belgian team Standard de Liege and Scottish club Rangers FC, Thursday 22 October 2020 in Liege, on the first day of the group phase (group D) of the UEFA Europa League competition. BELGA PHOTO BRUNO FAHY (Photo by BRUNO FAHY/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

As the whole world knows, Kemar Roofe scored one of the best goals ever last week, and indeed many have argued it was the number one all time, but we wanted to at least know if you thought it was the best by a Rangers player.

For us, there was no question – this club has produced many amazing goals over the year, but none have ever received the global fanfare of Roofe’s stunner, and we wanted to know if you agreed.

In a recent Ibrox Noise poll, we were surprised to see 28% of responses felt there have been better goals by Rangers players, with the majority of 72% thinking it was the best.

But as one regular argued, we’d love to see a better goal by a man in blue.

There was one mention of Cooper’s stunner v Aberdeen, or Konterman’s v Celtic but as great as they were, Roofe’s was mindblowing.

We’re with the 72%.

What a goal it was.

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  1. Much that I love watching the great Davie Cooper s goals v Aberdeen and the poor TV quality dryboro cup goal
    Roofe beats them all ….goes past 5 players from 75 yards and still scores from his own half
    More impressive was he done it on a pitch that if there wasn’t such a fixture clog up , should and would have been abandoned as the ball was not moving naturally anywhere on the pitch
    STUNNER !! And more good publicity for RFC ….while Celtic gradually disapear up their own arse

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