“Twilight Zone” as giants tumble

“Twilight Zone” as giants tumble
Seems about right?

Completely off topic and we know it, but yesterday’s Man Utd and Liverpool results were a trip into the Twilight Zone.

For one of these goliaths of world football to lose by that score is absolutely insane, for two to do it is simply impossible.

What happened yesterday was impossible.

Roy Keane was lambasted last week for being critical of Liverpool’s defending in places, and he was absolutely bang on to do so. Jurgen Klopp, entertaining though he is, and a genius manager though he is, played to the galleries a bit by deliberately mishearing the criticism and attacking Keane.

The Liverpool-inclined masses cheer led behind their King, but it was Keane who came out in the right.

And he’d have felt a little vindicated by Liverpool’s catastrophic defending yesterday, something he technically warned about but was slammed by most.

And to his credit, Klopp kind of referred to that little disagreement when he conceded this time his team were abominable.

As for Man Utd, been pretty awful this season and their league position reflects that.

I know I know, you’re reading thinking ‘what does this have to do with Rangers?’. Well other than our manager’s affiliations to Merseyside, nothing.

But regular readers will know we occasionally veer off-topic and this day of results was an absolutely staggering event, one we can’t ignore.

It’ll surely never happen again – and we’re sure everyone who doesn’t support Liverpool or Man Utd absolutely loved it.

It also showed without a doubt why Villa paid £20M for Ollie Watkins.

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