Stunning claim made over Ryan Kent – astonishing

Stunning claim made over Ryan Kent – astonishing
Kent on the phone to his agent getting Leeds to shut up.... (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Leeds United’s latest claim over Ryan Kent is absolutely bewildering and frankly we’re almost lost for words by it.

Kent wasn’t for sale, Kent didn’t want to leave, and the only thing that would remotely persuade Rangers to sell would have been a bid well in excess of £25M.

And yet Victor Orta, Leeds United’s DoF, makes the following statement:

“I think [Kent’s] club doesn’t want to sell him. We tried and we believe clearly Glasgow Rangers doesn’t want the player to leave. It was never their plan to put Kent in the market.”

The ‘duh’ nature of this comment is absolutely perplexing. Our most valuable and in form player and you ‘think’ we want to keep him?

More interestingly, United didn’t rate Kent highly enough to return with a bid in excess of an initial £8.5M rising to £10M so frankly the whole episode was absurd, and even rather demeaning.

So, the basic bid was already pretty insulting, but then Orta acts ‘surprised’ that we didn’t want to sell our best player for that feeble amount and almost ‘accuses’ Rangers of never intending to put him on the market.

Again, no sh*t Sherlock!

In the end, we kept Kent, and with three years left on his deal he’s secure for a long time. His form marginally dipped slightly before the international break, and hopefully the fortnight off does him some good and he’ll be refreshed come this weekend’s match.

Assuming it goes ahead, that is…

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