Stevie G goes to war with Neil Doncaster

Stevie G goes to war with Neil Doncaster
Who's side do you take? (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Neil Doncaster and Steven Gerrard have gone to war over the proposal made by Nicola Sturgeon and the Green Party that Sky Sports should air tomorrow’s match free of charge.

The bungling SPFL chief went into capitalism and corporate mode by stating it wasn’t reasonable for Sky Sports to give up their ‘crown jewels’ for the sake of health, while Gerrard has argued that for these unique circumstances, where not everyone can afford a match like this and would normally go to the pub or their mates, Sky should make it free for this one time to encourage safety.

Naturally, Sky can afford it, and it won’t cost them much at all – we’re not sure who exactly would have subscribed for Sky Sports based on this one match, and while a few Now TV subs will be taken up, not everyone has that cash.

Doncaster wants to protect the TV deal he made, pure and simply to protect his own job – he isn’t interested in public safety.

Gerrard, however, is, and backed the calls to make it free to air.

We’ve had some split opinion from our readers on this, so we’ll give this one to you all – should this one be made free to air to protect public health?

Should Sky Sports air Old Firm match free?

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