SPFL sponsorship farce as Doncaster flops again

SPFL sponsorship farce as Doncaster flops again
Our leader, folks.... (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images).

The SPFL has been plunged into deep chaos after Neil Doncaster failed again to secure a sponsorship deal for any of Scottish football.

A quarter of the way through the season, and Doncaster and co. have been completely unable to find a sponsor for the Scottish game, with the Premiership remaining named just that, with no brand support.

Doncaster was unable to find any deal for the SPL when Rangers were not in the top flight, and went a long time without agreeing terms with anyone; despite having the Famous back where they belong at the top of the league, £400,000 a year man Doncaster continues to be unable to find anything to sponsor it.

Thanks to the rigged vote and the farce appointment of Celtic as champions, the SPFL have absolutely destroyed the commercial viability of the league – no one wants to sponsor a fixed competition, and that is the reputation Doncaster and co have given this division and this country thanks to their diabolical conduct some months ago.

Even then, when Doncaster finally found a deal all those years ago, it was a mere six-figure sum from Ladbrokes and didn’t even breach a million.

So now that the already abysmal reputation of the SPL has been completely sunk by its governance, it’s not really a shock that the league cannot find a sponsorship package.

Many would argue the global crisis is contributing, but that would be nonsense. There is still plenty money high up in the elite companies and even the lesser ones, and most other leagues have sponsorship. Even Ireland has Aitricity.

But in a country that still refuses to use VAR, are we surprised no one wants to touch us with a bargepole?

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  1. things wont get any better for Scottish football until these guys go.. the farce of afew months ago was such a mess and I strongly believe if it wasn’t rangers that was looking for th investigation into the poorly hidden corruption and it was anyone of the other 41 clubs it would of went through… .. there’s too many people who would rather see rangers loose than see th country win or there own teams just to spite us and it’s sad for them that it’s became such a national obsession we could of all had real change for th better instead we r stuck with these jokers running things into the ground who now will feel pretty untouchable…. mon I gers… 55 this season

  2. He’s a clown along with corrupted green controlled system. I would have sacked that wretch years ago but he is a Liewell puppet. Be honest would you sponsor that slash ?;! We will be what we are until we gut the whole SPFuckingL SFA etc . But we won’t as they protect their own interests only. Once Israel beat us on Thursday we will do the usual bullshit …What is wrong with Scottish footbal yadaydayda FFS !!!!

  3. No surprise here. How bad do you need to be at your job before they start looking for someone else. I remember a few years ago Barry Hearn slaughtered the SPL for failing to bring in sponsorship and here we are STILL in the same position.

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