Shock reaction to Old Firm Sky development

Shock reaction to Old Firm Sky development
The managing pair.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise was surprised when our recent content about supporting the calls for the Old Firm to be broadcast free was in fact met with objection from a lot of our own fans.

The most common whine we saw was how punters should just pay for Now TV at £10 instead, if they really want to see it.

To argue this is missing the point is almost ludicrous.

Sky Sports isn’t a fortune, in truth, but this is a match everyone wants to see – and the whole point of making the match free is to stop punters going to others’ houses to watch it free.

Paying £10 instead for Now TV to watch it is exactly the problem of why fans will travel.

Let’s face it, these are tough times, and not everyone has a spare tenner to spend – yes it’s not a lot of money, but in a time of high redundancies and recessions, not to mention government bail outs, the lower income folk will do what they can to save even a tenner, and providing a paid solution for a paid problem really is missing the point almost laughably.

We were also a bit disappointed that some fans who subscribe to Sky were demanding compensation should this one go out on air for free, which suggests selfishness is still extremely rife. Who cares about the health of the masses, I want some compensation.

So, no, we stand by this one – if the match does go ahead, Sky can help the situation by making it free to air for all.

It’s happened before, Sky have aired plenty of stuff from their sports channels over on their Mix channel, so it’s not unprecedented – and we’re pretty sure the same folk weren’t whining about that.

So, grow up, frankly, stop thinking about yourself and your subscription, and we back this one all the way.

As an aside, we have the full Sky package ourselves so we’re hardly needing this service. But others do.

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  1. What do you make of that. You can go to a cinema in Scotland and pay £5 to watch the Liverpool game but you can’t go to someone’s house to watch the old firm

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