SFA farces again amidst Gerrard charge

SFA farces again amidst Gerrard charge
Compliance Officer Clare Whyte cited Stevie G....

Steven Gerrard is to learn this afternoon whether he will be punished for last month’s comments on Ryan Edwards, following the farce last week when the video call software being used for the assembly of the meeting crashed repeatedly.

As is always the case in Scottish football, this country doesn’t know its backside from its elbow, and even the software used is probably alpha state, hence in yet another example of our abysmally-run game, a professional meeting is reduced to below amateur after software repeatedly crashes on the participants.

It’s almost like the app wanted to mirror the incompetence of the governing bodies of our game, and failed miserably to be fit for purpose.

As such, the meeting was pushed back to the following Monday (today) in the misguided belief the SFA or SPFL can actually organise a p*ss up in a brewery and figure out the situation without the use of crayons.

As for the charge, it’s also a farce. Gerrard didn’t accuse anyone of bias, he asked a very intelligent question about whether Morelos would have got a red card for the same thing.

It wasn’t an slander, but a rhetorical point, and to cite him on it is utterly ludicrous.

But we shall find out later today if he’ll be punished.

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  1. Unfortunately SG will be charged irrespective of right or wrongs because its us , had that been anyone else it would have been disregarded . The Green infiltrated bastards that run all of Scottish football ?? will ensure that happens . We will never be treated any other way . Its bent corrupt etc etc ….55 puts them all in their place again 2nd best …WATP Onwards

  2. I’m glad to see comonsense has provailed on this occasion however I don’t trust the organisation they need to sort out the farce that has become Scottish football everyone of the present board need to resign including Doncaster and those who brought the complaint

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