Ryan Kent stunner makes absolutely no sense

Ryan Kent stunner makes absolutely no sense
So much choice.... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

More than a touch puzzled over Clickbait Insider’s latest story, so let’s look at it. They claim Rangers are to offer Ryan Kent a new deal worth around £30,000 a week to fend off Leeds United interest.

Let’s piece this together:

First off, Kent is already happy at Ibrox, that’s the first point. It’s not just that he’s happy with his football here, but he has personal reasons too to remain in Govan. He has connections to this city in his personal life and upping sticks and leaving is simply not on the cards for him.

Next, in case someone hadn’t noticed, the transfer window is shut. Leeds cannot now sign Kent even if they wanted to or he wanted to go. So, quite why we’re fending off interest that cannot now actually come better people than us can explain.

Third, why on earth would Rangers offer a player, one year into his already excellent contract, a pay rise? He’s contracted to 2023, signed September last year, and is on an extremely impressive wage as it is. There is literally no reason to give Ryan Kent a new deal/pay rise.

Also, can someone explain how a website can know exactly the terms of the contract that they allege Rangers are going to offer?

Either someone is leaking insider secrets out, or they’re making this stuff up.

Answers on a postcard.

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