“Ryan Kent can’t do any worse for England”

“Ryan Kent can’t do any worse for England”
SHREWSBURY, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 07: Ryan Kent of England during the International Match between England U20 and Czech Republic U20 at Greenhous Meadow on September 7, 2015 in Shrewsbury, England. (Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images)

Earlier we had a look at the stories/fake news/odds linking Steven Gerrard with the potentially-vacant England job, should results go against current incumbent Gareth Southgate.

However, Gerrard isn’t the only angle to take on the struggles of the national team south of the border.

While there is a lot of talent available to the Three Lions, there is a real question over its deployment, and the fact the manager has gone with youth.

In fairness, that approach took them to the world cup semi final, even if some try to discredit their achievements, and there is certainly a high-quality pool of young talent available and becoming more available as time goes on.

Which brings us, obviously, to our very own Ryan Kent.

The on-fire winger, just 23, has delivered at levels most of the England national team have not, given many of them are not at teams performing in European competition.

Indeed, of the 27 current selections, 11 are in sides who are not European competition regulars, and certainly not at the level Kent has been for the past three seasons.

But of course there’s an issue with Kent, and it’s one that affects all wingers – England don’t play with them. The 5-3-2 Southgate has deployed isn’t built for vibrant flank play, instead using fullbacks for the width.

Which is of course half the reason the manager is getting the stick lately.

There’s also the ‘Grealish’ problem – Aston Villa’s star man is just as on the outside looking in as Kent is, despite calls to the contrary, and it’s evident Southgate isn’t picking players based on form and performances, but rather how he can shoehorn them in to his system.

And of course that’s no way to manage a team, unless you have the results to back it up.

It’s supposed to be building a system around the players you have, not shoehorning the players you have into the system you want.

Hence why Rangers’ manager Steven Gerrard altered the system this season to one that fits our players so so much better.

But this is academic.

Kent is every inch as good as anything England are currently selecting, but if the system is making Jadon Sancho look average, is there even any point?

You tell us.

Kent for England?

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  1. I watched England last night I won’t watch Sturgeonland . Kent wouldn’t look out of place at all , too many egos in that squad . Southgate is a boring coach , no flair .

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