Rangers ‘villain’ is finally the hero

Rangers ‘villain’ is finally the hero
About time he got praise....

‘Goldson again’

‘oh ffs Goldson, not him’

‘sell him quick, it’s another gaffe from Goldson’.

Why bother with ‘comedy gold, son’ from Celtic fans-style abuse when our own supporters for the past year have been more aggressive towards our first-choice CB than anyone.

We don’t deny hypocrisy here, we’ve been hard on him too, but not so much this calendar year – indeed, we noticed a notable improvement from him after the bells, even if it dipped a little again, but the big CB looked more comfortable after the turn of the year and was one of the few who didn’t seem to let his level dip too much.

That wasn’t enough for some, who blamed every error and mistake and bump the club suffered on him, and to an extent, captain James Tavernier.

But Goldson was the fall guy, the major culprit, and as recently as Hibs he got dog’s abuse for one small error, which in itself wasn’t fatal, but which did ultimately lead to a goal.

From the same guys who are defending Alfredo Morelos’ diabolical display yesterday and happily ignoring the countless times he lost the ball and even passed it straight to opponents, while trying to fight them physically.

No, Goldson has had it thicker than most, the black sheep of the support.

Which is why we are so pleased he’s the toast of the fans today, after not only scoring a historic double (has a CB ever done that in an Old Firm, ever?) but also producing a nearly-faultless defensive shift.

Yes, he missed one header early on and Celtic nearly scored from it, but otherwise he was mammoth.

Just like in previous Old Firms where he’s been colossal, and received praise – but we’re hoping this time it lasts.

Yes, we have been critical of him in the past too, but we’ve been critical of every player out there – it’s our job, to praise and criticise where needed but always to support.

Whereas the vitriol Goldson has gotten until literally yesterday has verged on poison, and not support.

We’re glad he’s been seen for the quality CB he really is – he’s not a big powerful physical CB, but he is clever, his positional sense is outstanding, and he knows how to use the ball on the deck.

And he can score one or two…

So hopefully this is the start of a run of form he gets credit for, and the end of the aggro.

He’s earned it.

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