Rangers hero slams Parkhead veteran

Rangers hero slams Parkhead veteran
McCann in his Dundee management days.... (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Neil McCann has gently slammed the idiot that is Chris Sutton after the latter attacked Rangers for celebrating making the group stage of the Europa League.

The troll made his usual attention-seeking gallery-playing ramble and got the usual response, we assume, but McCann was having none of it and he said:

“I saw a small clip of the video of the other night when they were celebrating, and a certain other pundit had a wee go at it and I just thought ‘it’s a joke that he’s having a go at it’ because that’s a big achievement to get to the group stages, don’t underplay that and actually what came out of that for me was the team camaraderie was absolutely brilliant.”

Clearly Mutton couldn’t handle Rangers players being happy, so decided to slight it.

It really is the cheapest attack around, to smear someone for being happy with something – it suggests a disgusting self righteousness, a patronising superiority complex, and it just reflects dreadfully on the perpetrator.

Rangers were right to be spirited after the win, getting to the UEL group stage for the third year in a row was a stunning achievement, and it helps Scotland and the co-efficient too.

But sure, Sutton, laugh at it if you like.

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  1. Lets not forget that his years at Celtic weren’t exactly stellar and if it hadn’t been for Larsen they wouldn’t have won anything in scotland at all. The only reason he plagues scottish football is that they wouldn’t wear a bar of him down south and with any luck the broadcasters will get equally sick of his myopic attitude north of the border also

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