Rangers hater given platform to spout drivel

Rangers hater given platform to spout drivel
26 Jan 2002: Noel Whelan of Middlesbrough celebrates his goal against Man Utd during the Middlesbrough v Manchester United AXA FA Cup fourth round match at the Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough. Mandatory Credit: Michael Steele/Getty Images

“The former Leeds United and Aberdeen striker”. Every day now we’re seeing the latest comments by Noel Whelan on everything Rangers, thanks to Clickbait Insider, and to say we couldn’t really care less what someone who hates Rangers thinks about us is an understatement.

The same outlet of course used to use Jackie McNamara all the time for his views on Rangers, before he had his health scare and has wound down on doing that with them, but they still use Whelan who has about as much to do with Rangers as Wayne Rooney.

We’re really fed up with these washed-up ex-players who have nothing to do with Rangers swanning into the media and spouting their drivel about us. If they compliment us, we don’t care. If they criticise us, we ignore or get wound up by.

Their opinions don’t matter.

We’re not exactly sure why Alan Hutton wastes his time working with the same group, expressing his thoughts too – sure, it’s cash, and they’ll pay him handsomely, but we doubt he’s poor and desperately in need of that income.

But at least he is one of us.

Noel Whelan? Formerly Jackie McNamara?

It’s ex-players with no right to talk about Rangers, talking about Rangers.

Let’s face it, the Rangers name will always bring in the audience, and that’s why the likes of these groups use us.

And the more sensational and the more use of the word ‘exclusive’ we see in the headline, the more likely they’ll get the attention they crave.

Que sera.

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