Press farce as media deliberately misrepresents ex-Ger

Press farce as media deliberately misrepresents ex-Ger
Lies, damn lies and quotes..... (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)

The press have once again wildly misrepresented Rangers after former captain Barry Ferguson was completely misquoted for the sake of hits.

The midfield colossus was speaking about Glen Kamara’s meteoric rise from Dundee mid to one of the prize assets of the SPL, and was quoted as saying:

“How on earth was that guy only £50,000? What would you get for that now? That is the deal of the century. I was actually laughing while I was watching the game thinking what a piece of business that was. And he is only going to get better too. Stick another two zeros on the end of that £50,000 and you’ll not be close to what he’s worth now.”

So, two zeros. Let’s do maths here. £5,000,000. And then the comment ‘you’ll not be close to what he’s worth now’.

So, absolutely correct, no disagreement – he’s worth well, well well beyond £5M.

What do the press do?

Completely misquote Ferguson as undervaluing Kamara claiming the talismanic midfielder said he’s worth £5M.

You only have to look at the headline:

‘Tie him down to a contract, he’s worth £5M now’

And this drew ire from fans rightly, thinking that the headline was actually remotely accurate to what Ferguson said.

It absolutely wasn’t. The implication is Kamara is worth a tonne more than £5M, and he is. Market estimates would put a player of his stature, age, CV, quality and professionalism well beyond £20M.

But according to the headlines, Barry Ferguson said he’s only worth £5M.

No wonder you can’t believe what you read.

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