Nicola Sturgeon ‘about turn’ over Old Firm

Nicola Sturgeon ‘about turn’ over Old Firm
What happens now.... (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

For now, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has claimed next week’s Old Firm match is set to go ahead as planned, despite the fact half of the Celtic team appears to be in its sickbed.

Following fears the government was set to authorise not only a postponement of the match plus a potential second shut down of Scottish football, Scotland’s leaders has said that isn’t an issue and the match will go ahead as planned.

Frankly that probably comes as depressing news to Neil Lennon given he’s potentially missing most of his key players, and we wouldn’t be entirely shocked if there was an about turn and the match was postponed after all.

This international break has cost the green and white side a lot of players, and it has played nicely into Rangers’ hands – for now Steven Gerrard’s men have the advantage and while we miss some players of our own, we have more available it seems than his counterpart.

But for once the FM isn’t sympathetic to Celtic’s cause it appears and the match is now set to go ahead in earnest.

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  1. I don’t think this game will happen it will be manipulated by Liwells sycophants and green leaning pissy lickers , to ensure we get no advantage. If it does we need to be ultra cautious and ready cause most Thier team was already picked anyway

  2. You seem to be making light of our own injury problems. At the moment we would be without Katic, Roofe and Aribo as well as possibly Barisic and Helander who both missed out on their countries internationals this week. Add to that guys like Jack, Balogun, Defoe, Itten, Barker and Jones who have had recently returned from their own injury problems and probably well short of match fitness.

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