Neville condemns practice carried by Rangers for 20+ years

Neville condemns practice carried by Rangers for 20+ years
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - JANUARY 19: Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville looks on during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Manchester United at Anfield on January 19, 2020 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Gary Neville slamming PL and its clubs for introducing PPV shows the kind of comical entitlement rich footballers turned pundits suffer in their ivory towers.

Don’t get us wrong, he’s not the worst pundit out there, but if he looked at the details of this he’d know that instead of this being a negative move, it is in fact a positive one.


All clubs are suffering in lost revenue due to the crisis – not just the Famous, but the big PL clubs too.

Rangers have charged PPV for broadcasting matches for the best part of several decades. It’s nothing new, and it’s comical to condemn this practice.

But the most telling part of all – this new deal will in fact allow PL clubs to get up to speed with PPV and give fans access to matches they couldn’t see before.

Rangers have offered this service easily for over 20 years – true, once upon a time it was £5 a pop if not less, but either way we’ve been offering the matches not available on TV deals as separate matches.

Yes, only this season has it been fully available in the UK, but Neville suggesting Joe and Jane Punter wouldn’t be happy to fund their club with some PPV matches outside of those already confirmed for Sky and BT broadcast is a really bizarre position to take.

Does Neville actually want clubs in the PL (and elsewhere) to survive these financial difficulties?

He said:

“This is a really bad move by the @premierleague to charge £14.95 for single matches that have been shown free for 6 months !”

This is false and misleading. These matches have NOT been shown free. Anywhere. In any context. These matches were not broadcast at all in the UK, and due to the situation weren’t available. They hadn’t been carried by the broadcasters and Neville is literally metaphorically asking clubs to no longer charge for tickets for watching matches at the stadium.

That’s what it amounts to.

And yet Rangers fans have been happily paying PPV for a long long time and we will continue to do so to support our club.

Apparently such an idea is an outrage for the likes of Neville.

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