Morelos dropped as Rangers thrive – Gerrard makes big call

Morelos dropped as Rangers thrive – Gerrard makes big call
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One of the most telling things about Sunday’s comfortable win over Livi, wasn’t so much the result, or the performance, it was the complete absence of Alfredo Morelos and the fact the team did not miss him.

Ok, he was on the bench, but it was Itten used not he, and Rangers ran out pretty smooth winners.

True, it should have been put further to bed in the second half, but ultimately another clean sheet, yet another, and a valuable three points.

Without the use of the Colombian.

We’ve had quite a few hate mails and messages on Ibrox Noise about our criticism of the great Morelos, and a suggestion we’re a disgrace for being negative about him.

But we can’t help feeling he just doesn’t have much use at Ibrox any more.

He’s not been interested in long enough, and we saw Jermain Defoe with a frankly world class finish do with one smooth swing of the boot what Morelos just doesn’t seem capable of any more.

There’s something awkward about Morelos, his passing is lousy, his touch even worse and his shooting wasteful – and on Sunday Rangers didn’t miss him at all.

His biggest backers argue his role is now deeper and he’s a great team player who links up brilliantly.

But the problem is Rangers are no poorer when he’s not playing.

Steven Gerrard has created an equals parity system, where if one player rests an equal takes his place and Rangers are no weaker for it.

This means Morelos’ role is frankly no more important any more than anyone else’s.

True, we could also argue the same about Borna Barisic, he took missed three quarters of the last two matches and Rangers thrived – Calvin Bassey deputised wonderfully.

But the focus is always about Morelos, about how great he is and how we must hold onto him for 55.

That isn’t even remotely accurate, and the ex-HJK man just isn’t essential to the team in the way he was.

All squad members are equal, and that now definitely includes Alfredo Morelos.

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  1. I’m gonna say I partially agree with this. The last statement “All squad members are equal, and that now definitely includes Alfredo Morelos” should be a given. This is a squad that has been built for different challenges. Something Gerrard seems to have learned over his previous seasons. Livi was crying out for someone that would get a half chance and put it away. That screams Defoe. His goals to shots record in our short is just ridiculous. However, certain European games and defensive styles will call for use of the other 3 throughout this season. Its great we don’t need to rely on the Columbian for every game but it also doesn’t make him any less useful to this squad.

  2. The buff will be back on Thursday night,he causes teams alot of problems with his work off the ball,the goals will return soon,stay calm it will come 55 ya bass


  3. I had no idea of the criticism you were getting on the Morelos situation as I agree he has not been the player since the transfer speculation he was desperate to leave and when rangers refused the sale he was no longer a ranger to play for rangers it has to be heart and soul it’s gone from him

  4. Agree with all your observations about Morelos , his poor first touch and poor pass completion rate has always been an issue for me .
    This was all very forgivable when he was banging in 25 plus goals a season and putting a proper shift in
    At the moment he’s just a slow footballer with a very poor pass completion rate and a general poor first touch and no great desire to get into scoring positions .

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