Meltdown at Parkhead: “Feel the pain, Celtic”

Meltdown at Parkhead: “Feel the pain, Celtic”
Celtic's Scottish head coach Neil Lennon gestures during the UEFA Europa League 1st round group H football match between Celtic and AC Milan at Celtic Park stadium in Glasgow, Scotland on October 22, 2020. (Photo by RUSSELL CHEYNE / POOL / AFP) (Photo by RUSSELL CHEYNE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Ok, we have to, we have to indulge this.

Whether this is true or not we had to post it:

Big problems at Lennoxtown on Monday according to someone close to the squad. Lennon went through the team one by one, but Brown wasn’t having any of it. Said the players have had enough of Lennon’s lack of professionalism. Apparently he’s been turning up to training stinking of booze. Lennon went mental and had to be held back by Big Duffy. French contingent have chucked it, say they won’t play for Lennon anymore.
Lawwell is working his ticket for a move to Man Utd to replace Ed Woodward, so he’s checked out.
Absolute shambles on and off the park. The 10 is in real danger. THIS IS DOING THE ROUNDS. Kennedy fell out with Lennon on Friday at training. Duffy made to play after getting an abscess removed from his mouth along with 2 teeth – said he didn’t feel ready to play and Jullien fit enough but manager did not want him to play after fallout at training. So basically the manager is doing what he did at Hibs. Falling out with players. Attending training drunk. Having zero tactics. Sitting in dugout spitting out skol bandits onto pitch He’s so far up his own *rse its time for him and the guy that brought him to leave with immediate effect. Eddy does not want to play for Lennon and thinks he’s a bully.”

Ok, it barely matters whether or not this stuff is true, and we actually don’t care – the point is this content was what Celtic fans came up with about Rangers not too long ago.

With how poor we were, and during the ‘banter years’ as they so called it, this stuff was commonplace.

Now the shoe is starting to fit on the other foot.

Feel the pain, Timothy.

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