Journo discredited amidst three major developments in Wilshere to Rangers saga

In his Arsenal days.....

There have been three major twists in the Jack Wilshere to Rangers saga, following a major site’s claim that the former England star ‘wasn’t interested’ in a move to the club.

The 28-year old is a lucrative free agent and is weighing up his next club, and Rangers fans will be boosted by two of the twists, while the third is open to interpretation.

First off, it has been confirmed Wilshire’s idol is Steven Gerrard, and he has been vocal in the past about gushing praise over the Liverpool legend. Wilshire grew up in the days of Gerrard’s pomp, and the idea of playing for him is certainly not one the ex-Arsenal man is horrified by.

And that second twist relates to the first one – it has been confirmed Wilshere is in fact entirely open to moving to Rangers. Unlike what some sites claimed recently, which latched onto his comments and Italy and Spain, Wilshere has NOT rejected Rangers. Far from it, he is indeed very interested in the move and would love to play for Steven Gerrard.

The third twist is the most intriguing through, and is neutral – according to the man himself, Rangers have not yet made any kind of contact with him regarding a potential signature, which deeply discredits Nicolo Schira who claimed negotiations were ‘advanced’. Apparently this isn’t the first time the Italian hack has been wildly wrong, so he’s one to avoid.

But we now know Wilshere wants the move. The question is does Stevie?