Forgotten ex-Ger may have made the biggest coup for Ibrox club

Forgotten ex-Ger may have made the biggest coup for Ibrox club
He may have made the biggest difference of all....

We alluded to this in an earlier piece, the one good thing that Mark Allen gave us.

Amidst the Bruno Alves, Carlos Penas, Pedro Caixinhas and of course Aaron Nemanes, Mark Allen also took a massive gamble in Spring 2018 when Rangers were once again without a proper manager.

Mark Allen, whose impact at Ibrox is debatable, maybe carried out the biggest single act alone by taking a massive gamble on earmarking Steven Gerrard.

To be clear, Allen did not actually press the red button of appointing Gerrard – but he did strongly suggest him to the-then chairman Dave King and the rest of the board.

For King, Gerrard ticked every single box apart from experience, but while he and the rest of the board ultimately gave the appointment the green light, it was completely Mark Allen’s idea and although we can be certainly critical of certain aspects of our former Director of Football’s operations, this one left-field idea really has come up roses.

We know, we know, we haven’t won anything yet.

But from where we were in April 2018, to be the best team in Scotland now on merit, and to be producing European run after European run season after season is quite astounding progress, and while it doesn’t equal silverware, it certainly is a vast improvement on being horsed 5-0 by Celtic or getting gashed off Process Unicorn.

Hopefully it sees its rewards this season with at least one piece of silverware – Rangers fans have waited almost a decade for a credible trophy to arrive.

But what we can say for sure is Allen’s call, to bring in a youth coach from Anfield, may just end up being one of the most visionary moves for a long long time at Ibrox.

Interesting indeed…

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