Europa League crisis could hit Ibrox

Europa League crisis could hit Ibrox
Rangers' Kemar Roofe and Standard's Zinho Vanheusden pictured during a soccer match between Belgian team Standard de Liege and Scottish club Rangers FC, Thursday 22 October 2020 in Liege, on the first day of the group phase (group D) of the UEFA Europa League competition. BELGA PHOTO BRUNO FAHY (Photo by BRUNO FAHY/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

After seeing Standard Liège get in the face of Roofe at the end of the match on Thursday, I must admit I was worried that we would hear they had more players test positive.

Further to that, our chums over the east have the same problem after opponents Milan were stricken as well.

Now our worst fears have come true, and we will soon find out if any of our players will come down with CV.

Perhaps now is the time to ask UEFA for guidance?

This is just a question. It’s not meant to say that this is what happened here. But will there be any consequences for deliberately putting others at serious risk, by knowingly lowering a protective mask to shout in someone’s face?

Because this is not just the players who might become affected. Many players have young children, and some have elderly parents or grandparents.

They all could be put at risk. All because the Standard Liège staff were “so angry” at a small gesture which clearly (if they thought about it) could not be about Anderlecht.

Meanwhile at Parkhead pictures also showed goalkeeper Donnarumma (one of the named players) shaking hands with Ajer, and presumably Ajer now has a problem and must self isolate.

We don’t know if any Rangers player came into direct contact with any of the affected Liege players, but we do know this issue is escalating.

While we don’t want to see football suspended, we suspect the governing body of European football needs to have a chat and possibly increase preventative measures.

There’s a real inconsistency in protocol during all this, with some players shaking hands and hugging and all the rest of it, while others just do the elbow or arm bump.

Now we have to wait and hope.

Which is far from ideal.

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