Europa draw didn’t matter for Rangers

Europa draw didn’t matter for Rangers
It just doesn't matter much... (Photo by Harold Cunningham - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

We must admit a bit of apathy at Ibrox Noise Towers for today’s Europa League draw.

2018 we wanted a good draw and 2019 we wanted a super glamour hard draw (and got one).

This year? It had all been proven. We already got to the last 16 of the Europa League, only losing out to a world class Bayer side, and even then, there was a real feeling in the second leg that our side didn’t truly try.

Our point?

The league is what matters. The European adventure this season is just a distraction – our manager and our squad have proven they can cut it at this level, and that was a big aim – to restore our club’s credibility in Europe.

They’ve done that. Even UEFA praised us, which is a massive turnabout for the books. Hell, even the BBC did.

So what goes this year is kind of irrelevant. Sure, progress would be nice, but our priority is 55 and stopping 9.5IAR.

We honestly weren’t that bothered by who we got today – of course we got Benfica, Liege and Poznan. Shoulder shrug.

Perhaps it would have been a bit more interesting to get a PL side, but beyond that, we didn’t really care much.

We need the league triumph, and as fun as trips to Portugal and Belgium will be (sort of, in these testing times) they’re not the focus this season.

55 is.

So while we’ll still cover the European stuff with enthusiasm and support our troops all the way, 55 is the one we truly care about.

And we doubt many of you disagree.

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