“55 is very much on – 10” – Ratings at Parkhead

“55 is very much on – 10” – Ratings at Parkhead
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 17: Steven Gerrard, Manager of Rangers interacts with James Tavernier of Rangers during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on October 17, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We’ll have a tonne of reaction and analysis from today’s absolute molication at Parkhead of a pathetic Celtic by a Rampant Rangers, but for now, we shall deliver our customary ratings:


Other than a couple of pass backs Allan McGregor had LITERALLY zero to do out there. He was frankly bored. N/A


One bad defensive lapse with an ill-judged slide tackle followed by a follow up shambles early on aside, Tavernier had another of his outstanding games and his crossing, movement, dribbling and all-round work was top. Almost faultless aside the earlier glitch. 8


Was completely done in the air early on and it nearly cost a goal, but besides that he was titanic. Defending was almost faultless, his positioning bang on, and he let nothing past him. Mostly! Oh, and the two goals. Unbelievable. Hopefully this is the performance which stops fans having a go at him all the time. 9


Got a lot less credit than his partner on social media and on Sky, but Helander was absolutely outstanding. Nothing got past him at all, not a single error, a tonne of blocks and he was utterly brilliant. He’s looking an absolute bargain for £3M now. 10


Maybe not as heavily involved as he can be, but the Croat was getting plenty width and running the channel outside Kent. Still a decent display from the international who might still be carrying a knock or two. 7


One or two loose passes aside, Davis strolled this. His usual composure, vision and calming influence and he bossed the midfield with ease. Simple and clean performance from the NI legend. 8


Titanic display from Kamara who not only owned midfield alongside Davis but did a stellar job of covering for Barisic too. He was smooth, collected and polished on the ball and played a huge role in the second goal. Simply brilliant. 10


Ah, yes, our first disappointment. Was too small and fragile for this match, and is starting to show a lack of belief in himself again. Had one good run in the first half but hid from play too much and may struggle to get game time after this meek display. 5


Big, strong, hard-working and mobile – all the usual attributes from Arfield who, as always, did a brilliant job of linking midfield to attack. He’s top at that. 8


It wasn’t the best we’ve seen him, and his pre-international break dip in form is still there a little, but he was still good and as always, he never hides. He comes for the ball and works tirelessly. Gave Barisic a channel to run into all the time and maybe sacrificed a bit of his own game for that. 7


Ugh. One neat run with a lucky break early on aside, Morelos was poor again and seemed more interested in slow jogging and altercating with opponents at times. The Celtic experiment with this guy is a failure and he’ll never deliver against this team. Time to give up. 3


Steven Gerrard will be absolutely overjoyed with how his team took Celtic apart and dismantled them easily. The manager’s tactics were perfect, and while the opponent was down a few men for different reasons, this performance and result are seismic in Scottish football. Steven Gerrard has made a gigantic statement today and 55 is very much on. 10

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  1. Good ratings IN Goldson Kamara excellent as you say. Great Team performance only Barker and Morelos did not participate . Barker I don’t rate , Jones much better than him . Morelos a liability I would bench him perhaps even drop him . SG has the measure of the rotten mob and Lennon specifically . Just need to keep fresh and winning as non one else will help us at all for 55 Onwards

  2. Great display from the bears and thought Kamara and Helander were.outstanding. Sorry to be churlish but as I have said before Barker is a dud and should be nowhere near the first team. Also impressed with Stevie G after the game no over the top celebrations and hopefully lessons have been learned from last year

  3. Spot on with your assessment. The best thing about today was that we won very easily with 2 passengers, Barker and Morelos, in the team. We could also say that Kent performed well but is capable of so much better. Add to that Aribo, Roofe, Zungu and an in form Hagi and there is no stopping us. Would Julienne, Christie and Edouard really improve their team so much?

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