Where does draw now leave Rangers?

Where does draw now leave Rangers?
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 20: Steven Gerrard, Manager of Rangers with Joe Newell and Ryan Porteous of Hibernian FC after the Scottish Premiership match between Hibernian and Rangers at Easter Road on September 20, 2020 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

So, where does today’s disappointing dropped points leave Rangers?

Well, if you look at the reaction online, ‘world beaters’ have become flops and an all-time Scottish clean sheet record apparently didn’t happen and our backline is a joke.

Oh, and Steven Gerrard, after being the Messiah at 12:00PM, is now absurd and a failure, and not the man to take Rangers forward.

True, fans are reactionary and emotional at full time after a bad result, and knee-jerk comments are common-place, but the sheer 180 by which some fans have absolutely turned on the club, manager and players is borderline disgraceful.

It was one result, a match in which mistakes were made and the players and manager let the club down a little with some systemic failures.

Does that now invalidate literally everything which came before?

It is true that this was a big test, and it was one we failed.

But a league title is a marathon, and even the finest runners will stumble (ask James Teagle (look him up).

How Rangers recover from this is the real test.

Steven Gerrard’s men have given Celtic a glimmer of hope, a stuttering Celtic who have been far from their best, and now it’s time for Rangers to bounce back and properly prove their title credentials.

Remember Celtic’s dropped points at Livi and Rugby Park in recent times? Those recoveries after such results were what made them champions.

Rangers now have to do the same – go on big strong runs of wins.

That will prove whether or not this side has the bottle or not.

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  1. Hibs away 3 days after a european match,another establishment fix,no panic alot of football still to play,if we have any players left to play hacking bastards

  2. I personally didn’t say we bottled unfortunately it was a combination of poor performance and lack of finishing . Of course Hibs did pretty well too given the chances we presented to them . SG did not do a lot wrong as I mentioned earlier . Onwards we can still do this I still think we are best team in this league .

  3. Key problem is Steven Gerrard is not new to Scottish Football, it his third season and still complaining about it being “too tough” up here!

    It is a physical “kicking game” up here you need an enforcer because referees are part of the problem.

    Solution simple either change or go south.

    Unfortunately previously shown unwilling or unable to change

    • Why is it Steven Gerrard’s fault that our players get kicked, or bashed in the face, and get no protection from the referee. We all play under FIFA rules. He could fight fire with fire but you must know referees would be queueing up to send our players off. All we can do is keep highlighting it and make a case to embarrass the SFA into action.

  4. We will drop more points this season, so will celtic. With this covid anything could happen this season, 5 players could have to quarantine from our team or theirs.
    As it is, we dropped 2 points and are top of the league. learn from the mistakes and move on to Thursday

  5. I dont think a lot of fans ate doing a 180, irs just like ground hog day and a feeling of a losing mentality with this team. Mabay not losing cos we drew today, but any real pressure in the league and the team folds.

    I dont want Gerrard sacked, but would be gd to see him get a bit more animated on the sideline. Maje changes a bit quicker too.

    Hopefully its just a wee slip up, but Willem II won 4-0 so we better not defend like tht against a gd technical Dutch side.

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