“When the opponents are Rangers” – a refereeing rant

“When the opponents are Rangers” – a refereeing rant
The temerity of the man..... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

OK this is a bit of a rant, but I think most of us are thinking the same thing.

What the hell was Motherwell’s Andrew Wilson complaining about, when Rangers were given two legitimate penalties yesterday, when, for some strange reason, their players began playing volleyball in the penalty box?

One would think that last year the refereeing decisions made them think there was a new permanent rule in the rulebook.

For those who missed it, it is the rule (page 6 paragraph 12 line 3) that says

“You can legally use a hand in the box when the opponents are Rangers. This can be done to aid in an attack, or in defence to successfully thwart any Rangers offensive move. In addition, if any Rangers player is taken out by an inappropriate judo throw, or other excessive tackle, the referee is NOT to book the offending player, even if it completely takes the player’s leg off.”

The fact is we have taken a good look at the stats, and the data shows referees, who are brave enough to give Rangers an even playing field, are fast becoming an endangered species. Note, we are not talking about refs who are biased in favour of Rangers…. we are just talking here about refs who are doing their damn job. Being fair and impartial.

It now seems that in the rare cases the referee does do a good job, the pack immediately gathers and the offending referee is roundly attacked for doing their job properly.

And to continue my rant, after the blatant offside goal Celtic scored against us in the cup, it is also clear that there is zero desire, in Scotland, to fix the problem.

In fact, Celtic came out and said they are very much against the introduction of VAR. Perhaps this is because it would adversely affect their ability to get questionable last-minute penalties, and critical offside goals?

As a sidenote, just last week Celtic were given a goal that looked offside, which if it had been called, would have given Livingston a draw. That would have placed Celtic 3 points behind with a game in hand.

So, Mr Andrew Wilson, with all due respect get tae **** coz your senseless rants are meant to silence good refereeing, and I’m just sick and tired of it.

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