The truth about why we support Rangers

The truth about why we support Rangers
One day we'll see this again too...

There is no question Rangers have been the biggest club rollercoaster over the past 10 years. No other club has put its fans through the emotional turmoil the Famous have put us faithful through, with only Leeds coming close.

But it was a choice – a choice hundreds of thousands of us made without a second thought in 2012 when it all went horribly wrong and we found ourselves with a hard reset. Same stadium, same fans, but a new company and mostly new and massively insufficient players.

Year by year we dragged ourselves out by our bootlaces, we just kept going – we fans fell out with each other, we fought with each other, we protested against certain aspects of the club as it was then, and 8 years later we find ourselves with Steven Gerrard as manager and top of the table with a European adventure to look forward to. Again.

We’re not claiming the Journey is over – it will be many years before we truly are convinced we match or supersede Celtic, toe to toe.

But by God we’re close. And we have a Rangers to be proud of, properly.

Steven Gerrard has done a bunch of things many of us disagree with. Hell, he still does – many fans aren’t happy to see Jordan Jones axed, to see Greg Docherty leave, and persistence with Brandon Barker.

But from where we were when Stevie took over, we are now, with a budget fractionally that of what Celtic have, the top team in Scotland presently and with a serious shout of being the champions.

Our start this season has been the best for the best part of 70+ years, we’ve broken a top-flight Scottish record with 7 clean sheets in a row, and all this despite the fact half of our squad are injured.

Gerrard is not every fan’s favourite – hell, regulars know we’ve been scathing of him many times on this site, and we’ve called out things we didn’t like. We always will.

But right now the guy is doing one hell of a job, and we will always call out what he deserves praise for too.

We support this club, and we expect the best of those employed by it. And the players are certainly delivering while Gerrard is getting a tonne more right than he’s getting wrong.

Supporting Rangers is an honour, even in our club’s darkest hours of recent times – and a top of the table Rangers is a just reward for the blood sweat and tears we’ve all put in sticking by the Famous.

And that’s why We Are The People.

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