“The most competitive person” – new Rangers man makes pointed claim

“The most competitive person” – new Rangers man makes pointed claim
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 29: Rangers Manager Steven Gerrard celebrates at full time during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on December 29, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

As Rangers fans know, Rangers TV has a new commentator in the form of Clive Tyldesley, and he’s been a major hit with viewers, but it was something he said in the first match he covered which was a telling insight into Steven Gerrard, that we want to look at here.

In some recent press interviews Tyldesley has spoken about how he and Gerrard are friends, and that he basically has a direct line to the boss. He also said something about Gerrard’s competitive edge:

“But what I do know is what a competitive individual he is and what I have seen from talking to him in the last few weeks is not only how determined he is to make a success of this job, but how measured he is.”

But it was what he said on the opening RTV fixture which stood out:

“The most competitive person I have ever known is Steven Gerrard.”

Not just that he’s just competitive, but he’s the most competitive, and while some fans might argue Clive is just being biased to his paymasters, in actual fact Tyldesley has this job because he isn’t.

He’s an honest, impartial commentator who has a little bias on match day yes but is neutral overall, and has no reason to big Gerrard up.

He also isn’t bigging him up. To call someone the most competitive person you’ve known is not necessarily a compliment, it could in fact be annoying being around that kind of person.

But it is a strong trait for a sportsman to have, and there’s no doubt Gerrard is a deeply bad loser, and hates it more than anything.

His reaction at Parkhead shows what that meant, and while it seemed a little OTT in hindsight, it was the pure raw blood and thunder emotion of a winner.

It’s better to have an overly competitive winner as your manager than a nice guy runner up.

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  1. Clive is doing a very professional job with RTV his experience and knowledge is a joy to listen to , even coaching Tommo to loosen up a little too !! If you look beyond what he is saying the SG effect has changed Rangers in a similar way that Souness did . Both winners both extremely competitive . It’s going to happen this season I’m sure , even though I do whine a little too much sometimes I truly believe it feels right . Onwards 55.

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