Stevie reveals ‘several’ senior players to leave

Stevie reveals ‘several’ senior players to leave
Not afraid to drop players now....

Steven Gerrard’s confirmation recently that he is trying to ship out several senior-squad players coupled with the arrival of young Nathan Tormey on trial reveals just how far this manager is going to create a Rangers worthy of the name, if he hasn’t already.

The manager has been undeniably ruthless, and the start to the season has absolutely vindicated that approach, and now Ibrox Noise takes you through the surplus who will either definitely be out under Stevie, or are likely to be.

Glenn Middleton:

Ok we’ve mentioned this one a few times, but the 20-year old left winger has been dumped by the manager and that’s been proven by the arrival of Tormey, who’s the same age and plays in the same position. It’s a case now of finding Middleton a new team because he won’t be making it at Ibrox.

Jordan Jones:

Got a mini-reprieve when he ended up on the flight to Europe but wasn’t on the bench and Preston, Middlesborough and QPR want to bring him south. Has no future at Ibrox and will leave when a buyer is found.

Jamie Barjonas:

For all Stevie talks him up, this 21-year old midfielder hasn’t been included in a single match-day squad this season, and just like Ross McCrorie, he has no future under this manager who just isn’t interested in using him. If a loan or sale can be found, he’s another one who’ll end up elsewhere.

Ross McCrorie and Jamie Murphy:

They’re both ‘technically’ loans so they are still ‘technically’ our players, but yes, these two are finished at Ibrox and both loan deals will become permanent next summer. Just players the manager wasn’t ultimately interested in, it’s that simple.

Alfredo Morelos:

We toyed about this one, but the reality is nothing has changed. He is no longer a starter, and will only ‘start’ in case of injuries. And that’s fine. But the sooner the manager can get him shipped out at a nice profit, the better. Stevie changes his tune on Morelos a lot, but then we know from past experience the manager does not always mean what he says in the press. Just ask Ross McCrorie.

Those are the main ‘dead wood’ – in actually fact despite the lack of wingers and that one missing CM, Rangers’ squad is in reasonably good condition overall, and there’s some decent depth. But he is active in getting rid of those he deems not good enough.

Stevie has certainly built something and we’ll see how real it is come Sunday.

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  1. I honestly think Gerrard is the man to take Rangers back to the top. I might be in the minority when I say this but I don’t even care if we stop Celtic’s 9.5 IAR. We are building something bigger and more sustainable and it’s only a matter of time before we’re back on top. No one outside of Scotland cares about the boys achievements. We all know we’re improving year on year and they are stagnating. If we don’t stop the 9.5 I guarantee there will be hordes of fans calling for Gerrard head and in one respect I understand but look at how we have improved year on year. After progress popcorn disaster we made it to the group stage in Europe, one of few teams to go though all qualifiers and make it to the group stage… we closed the gap and even beat Celtic. The year after we do even better in Europe guaranteeing a shot at champs league next year and one of fewer teams to go though all qualifiers and make it to the last 16. We hammer Celtic 2 times and we’re unlucky to lose the cup game to a goal everyone knows was offside. Yes we stuttered after Xmas but we’re by no means out of the running. This year we have broken a Scottish record held by the other half for years and have a chance at the world record. We are in the best shape we have been in since I can’t remember when and I am excited when I watch this team play. Would McInnes have bought Kent Hagi Roofe. Probably not. How many managers could we have realistically got that could have got us to where we are now or have bettered it… I’m going to say not many. I know we question when he gets rid of McCrorie murphy Docherty…. I did, but then you can’t argue with the stats and by the way IN I do like the measured approach you guys are taking when talking about players now. Not just going with how it looks like their playing and instead looking at the stats. It sometimes makes you see that for all we may want Tav and Goldson out the team it statistically wouldn’t make sense. Keep up the good work guys.

    • Agree. Gerrard has moved us on leaps and bounds and is the man for the future even if we don’t win the league and go out of Europe early which is a distinct possibility this week. We are building.

  2. I will say again selling Jones is a big mistake , this young lad that’s on trail has no Scottish experience . The young Dane from Bologna must be the target . I just hope the referee is on top of it tomorrow cause Hibs will also try to kick us off the park, just hope we keep injury free.

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