Stevie axes attacker amidst three-club bidding war

Stevie axes attacker amidst three-club bidding war
He could do without losing him.... (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

Rangers won out comfortably last night but a notable absentee was Jordan Jones’ whose Rangers career is certainly over after Steven Gerrard overlooked the winger completely, and took him to ‘complete the numbers’ in Gibraltar after Brandon Barker pulled out.

Jones, subject to major interest from Middlesbrough, Preston and QPR, was not on the bench, despite being on the plane to mainland Europe, and it’s just a matter of time before the winger is sold.

QPR are rumoured to be putting together a £1M bid for his services, which would surprise us as they could easily secure him for well under half of that but nevertheless it would represent a big profit for a player secured for nothing in early 2018.

Jones wasn’t wanted by the manager, and his indiscretion at Ibrox was never forgiven by him, and despite a few twists and turns in his Rangers career his fatal lack of minutes and appearances are the death knell for any chance he has of featuring under this manager.

Which is ok – it’s another player we like, being dumped, and that’s been a regular pattern under Steven Gerrard, but how can we possibly complain given the start we’ve made this season?

Jones will leave for the Championship in the reasonably near future, because he knows even without Rangers having a single winger fit/available aside Kent, he still wasn’t on the bench yesterday even to make up the numbers.

And that’s pretty much that.

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