Steve Clarke and his Rangers joke

Steve Clarke and his Rangers joke
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 18: Scotland Head Coach Steve Clarke is seen during a Scotland press conference ahead of their European Qualifying match against Kazakhstan at Oriam on November 18, 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Speaking of Scotland and their travails, it’s very noticeable that Steve Clarke called up three Rangers players, and is predicted to use absolutely none of them in the starting lineup.

All the press predictions have David Marshall in goal, left back Kieran Tierney at right back, and McGregor and McTominay in defensive midfield.

No places for Robby McCrorie, Jon McLaughlin or Ryan Jack.

So the most in-form goalie in Scotland won’t start, and the recently in-form Ryan Jack stays on the bench in favour of Callum McGregor who’s played a lot less football and sure as hell isn’t as good a defender as Jack. Or on the bench in favour of putting Tierney on the wrong flank.

We might be wearing our biased hats here, and we know a tonne of you are unhappy any of our players are even involved, but what really is the point calling up Rangers players not to use them?

The Scotland team is filled with Celtic players, who have been a damn sight less in form than their Rangers counterparts, but that counts for a damn sight less than the fact Steve Clarke hates Rangers.

Why can’t the bitter old soak just not bother with us, not bother calling our players up, when he’s evidently not interested in playing them?

It would save us time and money.

Maybe only five of the predicted XI don’t have a major connection to Celtic, with six most certainly having one, and it’s a mockery of a national team that Clarke would rather have McGregor in DM than Jack, or a left back in the form of Tierney also over the Rangers man who’s played there quite a few times for club and country.

Steve, why not just go the whole hog and select every Scottish player at Parkhead?

It would save us all a lot of bother.

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