Sky shocker as tv giant ‘attacks’ Rangers

Sky shocker as tv giant ‘attacks’ Rangers
Didn't see this among the footage....

Ibrox Noise was more than a spot amused to note Sky Sports’ trailer for tomorrow’s Hibs Rangers match.

Obviously they’re a broadcaster who sure as heck like their trailers and ads, but it was the content and context of this one which stuck out like a sore thumb.

Negative footage of Rangers and of Steven Gerrard, positive footage of Neil Lennon and Celtic, before some neutral footage of some Rangers players and then positive footage of Hibernian players.

We have never taken Sky Sports as an anti-Rangers group – indeed, they have plenty of our ex-players on their payroll such as Kris Boyd and Neil McCann, not to mention Ally McCoist himself.

But this trailer was decidedly focused on the negative spin of Rangers, showing Gerrard with head in hands, Morelos looking up at the sky in frustration, while then contrasting it with Celtic having a smiling Lennon waving at the camera and the entire team celebrating one of their title wins.

There’s no denying this trailer wasn’t impartial, wasn’t neutral, and had clearly been composed by someone with Parkhead leanings.

We would highly recommend Sky act with stricter quality control and unbiased content next time they put out a trailer which is advertising a football match. Certainly where Rangers are concerned.

Watch it for yourselves and see if we’re paranoid.

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  1. Absolutely spot on I had to ‘double take’ to see what the fuck the 10 part and rotten mob slash had to do with us playing Hibs FFS . Biased beyond belief again it’s against the whole shabang !!! Just win 55 and it’ll all go quiet . By the way they are shite Onwards 🇬🇧

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