Rangers relief after Scotland farce

Rangers relief after Scotland farce
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 04: Ryan Jack and Kieran Tierney of Scotland and Eran Zahav of Israel after the UEFA Nations League group stage match between Scotland and Israel at Hampden Park National Stadium on September 04, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Following yet another absolute horror show from Scotland against the Czech U21s, while the visitors got a barely-deserved win, there’s no denying the biggest relief from this break is the lack of injury to any of the three Rangers men involved, particularly the vulnerable Ryan Jack.

Jack of course was a victim of Steve Clarke’s haphazard management which led to injury for the Rangers midfielder, and Clarke’s ignoring of Jack’s ongoing knee issues was an issue of major contention from Steven Gerrard, who lost his man for a number of matches.

So all we can say after yet another diabolical Scotland match, in yet another hideous Scotland era, is that we’re relieved Jack especially is fit and healthy to face Dundee United this weekend.

As many on the site have pointed out, Scotland are of no real concern any more to most Rangers fans, and our only worry is losing our players through injury on national duty, as has happened many times before, not least to Jack.

So we can just be glad it didn’t materialise this time, and indeed that Jack was overlooked for the match in the Czech Republic.

We always want our players to do well and represent their countries – but when it comes to Scotland, that doesn’t quite apply so much.

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  1. One point I would like to make .
    Scotland were on a hiding to nothing last night ,unless we scored 3 or so goals ( that’s never happening )
    Granted we were fkin embarrassingly bad and got yet another soft penalty
    We actually won the game !!
    They were the better team by a mile , but for all the Czech players that was an empty the tank performance to impress the Country
    Just trying to find a glimmer of positive thinking .
    Like getting drawn away in the cup to a lower level side always dangerous 🙄

  2. Correct IN the majority of Rangers People dont give a hoot about the SF**kinA and the shambles that it is . From top to bottom its rotten with those in it only interested in their own existence . Its all around Europe to see how young players coaching and handling should be done Iceland Belgium Holland England Wales etc. etc and still they come away with the usual slash about kids not being interested and no one coming through, when did you last see a Davie Cooper or a Jimmy Johnston type player ?? . Its all about funding and good coaching and we have neither until they gut the place it will never change top to bottom. One Association for all football same as France Holland Spain Portugal not six . Its not complicated fFS BTW glad Jack not injured !!

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