“Open season” on Rangers players confirmed

“Open season” on Rangers players confirmed
No eyes on the ball at all....

A number of days ago an ‘independent tribunal’ found Ryan Edwards ‘not guilty’ and the case against the United man was closed formally.

This after one of the worst ‘tackles’ in the SPL this season.

Sadly, this appalling decision has led to 100% permissible consent for opposing players to hurt, maim, and slaughter Rangers players without so much as a yellow card for their troubles half the time.

Today’s treatment of the visiting team by the home side was tantamount to regimented and orchestrated assault.

Time and time again we saw vindictive and violent trysts being meted out on our players, very few of which actually got punished.

And because the call on Edwards means it’s open season, opposition players now know they’ll generally get away with such roughshod treatment on men in blue, or occasionally get a token yellow.

As Kris Boyd rightly called out, Martin Boyle’s elbow in Hagi’s face was a clear red, but it was nothing, no punishment, and this sadly is the kind of conduct we’re going to have to accept from the opposition this season.

If we want a fair playing field, we’ll have to look elsewhere.

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  1. I said a similar thing to my wife as we watched that poor performance today. Wright’s challenge on Kent was disgraceful he could have hurt him seriously . That set the tone , more poor challenges from Doidge McGinn followed again unpunished. Then Porteous thought he would try a cheeky body block He did the same 2nd half with no punishment in fact Alfredo got booked for complaint. ..he rightly got a yellow Hurrah !!! Then Scanlon (sorry IN not Boyle) should’ve been straight red no question. As you say only the Light Blues get this treatment from everyone and poor officiating to go with it. Us against the fucking rest .

  2. It is clear we are not going to win the league this season by playing good football while referees are allowing our players to be kicked off the ball.

    No good complaining about it must take again – strong captain and “enforcer” required.

  3. Get it right it was not Boyle or Scanlon but Hanlon. It was a red card but Rangers are going to have to toughen up they are far too soft and nobody gets angry especially the kid on captain when our players are being assaulted week in week out

  4. The picture of the Kent tackle was typical of many others on him. I thought he had a quiet game today but it’s hardly surprising when this happens every time he gets the ball. Think he’ll need to start wearing shinpads front and back. Pundits and commentators can’t keep putting this down to the general rough and tumble of a game. Hibs players did it until they got booked then someone else picked up the baton until they got booked. This was a deliberate tactic and should be called out and highlighted.

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