“Not good enough” – some Rangers fans respond to Kent for England calls

“Not good enough” – some Rangers fans respond to Kent for England calls
SHREWSBURY, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 07: Ryan Kent of England during the International Match between England U20 and Czech Republic U20 at Greenhous Meadow on September 7, 2015 in Shrewsbury, England. (Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images)

We’re a little saddened by the response from some portions of the Rangers support that reckon Ryan Kent isn’t up to the task of England.

While there’s been sizable chunks of the fans who clearly think he’d not by any means disgrace himself in the Three Lions’ shirt, there’s a worrying proportion who not only think he could never get the call, but isn’t good enough, period.

Don’t get us wrong, we accept the England NT is strong these days with its emphasis on youth – this is an England that got to the world cup semi final for goodness sake. They’re no slouches.

And we also know the competition for the wing slots is hardly weak either – but Celtic’s Fraser Forster not only got call ups but played too. While he was a Celtic player.

So let’s not suggest that just because it’s a player based in the SPL that an England call up is impossible. It absolutely is not.

Taking off club alliances, Forster is an excellent goalkeeper and he’s at his level with Southampton in the PL, and he deservedly got his past callups.

Ryan Kent is going into that territory if he isn’t there already, and before anyone spouts the ‘wait for him to do it for a season before he proves anything’ piffle, international callups don’t work like that.

The manager selects the players he wants, the players in form, and that form might only have been for a month or two.

Ryan Kent has been on form since November 2018, with of course patchiness as he found his feet. But this entire season has been excellent from the former Liverpool man and there is absolutely nothing stopping him from becoming an England player.

A regular? Maybe not. A fringe player? Why not.

Kent is mixing it at the top levels of football these days, and showing he’s good enough.

And that could well include his country in the near future.

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  1. There is no way Ryan Kent is gonna get an England call up after 7 good games at Rangers !!

    If he’s still doing it in Europe in November 🤞🤞 he may have a small chance
    But not yet

  2. Can’t see this happening. They just don’t rate Scottish football down there. I remember similar calls to get Mark Hately into the England squad being largely ignored when he was in outstanding form for us.

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