Kent makes a decision, and it’s not just Rangers grateful

Kent makes a decision, and it’s not just Rangers grateful
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 12: Ryan Kent of Rangers FC celebrates with Alfredo Morelos and Joseph Ayodele-Aribo after scoring his team's second goal during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and St. Johnstone at Ibrox Stadium on August 12, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The claim last week from a Yorkshire outlet that Ryan Kent has sent a signal to Elland Road that he is formally not interested in a move to their club is a massive, massive shot in the arm in so many ways.

Not only has Kent rejected the departure, but he’s rejected the Premier League.

Now, of course, there are rumours he has personal reasons for doing that, but honestly, we don’t care. The fact now appears to be Kent has chosen Rangers, the SPL and the Europa League over:

The richest league in the world.

The swathes of improved wages he’d get.

The biggest league on which to prove himself.

He’s also given Rangers assurances he’s no interest in leaving, and we have to ask exactly what 90Minutes (or whatever they’re called) were told ‘exclusively’ by ‘sources’ that had them report his interest in leaving.

It fooled us, we admit that.

Because we too believed he was happy to stay, and our sources had told us that. That he was neutral, that he had PL ambition one day but was equally happy to remain at Ibrox and would give his all.

So when the story of his need to leave arose, sure, we ran with it, but it was wrong.

And now all of us Rangers fans have the shot in the arm to our title bid that our most dangerous player (albeit Joe Aribo also has a shout there) will remain for the season.

His desire to stay makes him even more valuable. He’s happy in Scotland. His ability alone is worth well into the £20Ms, but add his lack of need to leave, and suddenly that value skyrockets.

To buy Ryan Kent now would require a bid of £40M. Because he has no desire to leave and we have no desire to sell him. That’s gigantic.

It’s also a huge shot in the arm for the SPL that one of its stars, its most lucrative asset wants to stay here. It’s rare a big player in Scotland turns their nose up at the PL.

So Kent’s decision is wonderful, welcome and exactly what Rangers wanted. And frankly, the SPL.

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