Julian Wolhardt does it again? Major investment in RWFC

Julian Wolhardt does it again? Major investment in RWFC
This stuff is getting serious.

Some months ago fans will remember director Julian Wolhardt bringing lucrative sponsorship into the ladies’ team via DCP Capital, whose brand is now emblazoned on the front of the Women’s team shirt.

Well Rangers have gone one better and had Castore, our shirt manufacturer, provide one for the women’s team as well, a bespoke kit especially for the women rather than them just wearing the men’s kit.

Just like the youth kids with their unique-looking shirts, the ladies’ team will get their own custom-made shirt as demonstrated in the photos for this piece, and it just demonstrates yet more evidence of the investment Rangers are making in the women’s game, not just our club’s, but the game in general.

Women’s football is being taken more and more seriously – it’s a professional sport which one day hopes to be up there with the men’s in terms of credibility. The money isn’t quite there yet, but the advances made in that area are massively significant, and the fact female players now get wages more like what solid earners in other (less well paid) industries get is a step in the right direction.

Top earners in the ladies game in the UK get beyond six figures, and it will improve beyond even that too.

It will many years before the female equivalent of Gareth Bale is getting in the region of £600K a week, but at least Rangers are putting their money where their mouth is and investing major cash in the ladies game.

Glasgow City do remain the benchmark in the ladies game, with title after title, year in year old, and they have a stranglehold over the rest – neither Rangers or indeed Celtic have ever won the SWPL, with only Hibs and Killie ever winning it other than City since the league arose in 2002.

But Rangers are making the right moves and a proper kit for the women’s side shows how seriously we want to win the title.

All in good time.

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