Is Rangers striker signing target a good fit for Stevie?

Is Rangers striker signing target a good fit for Stevie?
Stevie watching on this season....

Lawrence Shankland is unlikely to feature this weekend at Ibrox. The long-term Rangers ‘target’, a boyhood Rangers fan and still keen to wear the blue, has been nursing injury issues for a number of months and has only been able to manage a solitary appearance for Utd in the top flight.

Famous for excelling in the lower divisions with Dunfermline and Ayr, many Rangers fans have argued he’s clearly unproven in the top flight given his goals have all come in the lower divisions.

And that is true, but there is something many supporters have overlooked – Lawrence Shankland was once an Aberdeen striker and he amassed just one goal in 17 outings for the Dons.

Benched for half of the 14/15 campaign, when Rangers were still in the Championship (therefore we paid little attention to the SPL), Shankland’s time in Scotland’s top flight was extremely poor.

So while the word ‘unproven’ is used to describe what he has done in the SPL, well, actually, it doesn’t do so – he started plenty of matches during his spell at Pittodrie, aged 20, and was pretty substandard.

So he is ‘proven’ – he’s ‘proven’ to not be good enough at that level. One goal in 17 outings is nowhere near good enough, and no one is going to spin the line that Aberdeen wasn’t the right fit. At that time, they were Celtic’s biggest challengers by a mile, and if Shankland, who scored 7 in 13 the previous season at Dunfermline, couldn’t handle them, what chance does he have at Ibrox?

It’s true, players do change, and maybe he could deal with the pressure now – but going by his track record, Shankland just isn’t good enough, stats-wise, to play for Rangers.

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  1. Sign him .
    Natural Goalscorer
    20 plus goals every season
    In our current set up he would get bags full of goals
    Complete No Brainer for me .

  2. I think I would sign him he is raw still and would benefit from working with much better players . I think the fee that they would ask would be silly unfortunately and you also have the SG total suspicion and lack of believe in Scottish players. On another note I think we missed a trick not signing Dykes he will get goals in the English Championship ( shrewd move by the Bread man) and would have been a good foil for Roofe….perhaps Itten may prove me wrong I do hope so ?

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