Frustration builds as yet another ‘bid’ is made

Frustration builds as yet another ‘bid’ is made
Can he please just go and sit somewhere else?

Ok, we basically did this story yesterday, or the day before, but as a Rangers site we have to keep you informed of both the b*ll*cks and the good stuff too.

Clickbait Insider has made a claim that West Brom have now formally ‘registered interest’ in Alfredo Morelos, whatever on earth that means.

We had no idea you had to go online and actually fill in a form to ‘register interest’ in footballers these days. Thought it was as simple as contact the selling club, make an offer and be done with it.

No, apparently now you have to complete a questionnaire to ‘register your interest’ – PS this appears to be in the ‘b*ll*cks’ category but hey.

West Brom have been mentioned before, actually a few times, so this strikes us as staggeringly made-up ‘journalism’ at its finest, by just plucking one of the teams linked to Morelos and ramping the story up more formally to say they’ve… ‘registered interest’.

Yeah, we still have no idea what that means.

Usually ‘registering interest’ is putting your name down for a pre-order, or joining a website or group as some kind of member. It’s not generally known for purchasing a footballer but you learn something new every day.

Anyway, another day, more Morelos mischief.

Responses to recent pieces have now been pure frustration – Morelos is fast becoming the least popular player we can actually remember, with fans sick to the back teeth of him and the saga.

The sooner this long drawn-out death cry of Morelos’ Rangers career ends, the better.

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  1. Very interesting developments from EPL Aston Villa willing to pay £28 Mill for Ollie Watkins from Brentford that could rise to £33 mill with add ons . This 100% confirms Morelos valuation and more FFS , this lad has only played a couple of seasons in the English Championship compared to Morelos European and International success .

  2. On thinking perhaps it’s Morelos,s attitude that’s scaring them off ?!? Which would be a pity cause he’s a great prospect and could cut it in lower half EPL

  3. I see no value in IN continuing to stoke the fire on issues like this. We need quality players and it’s pointless unsettling them even more with remarks like “get gone”.

    • You’ll need to quote where that comment was made, Jim. And if you think Morelos will ever kick a ball in anger again for this club, you’re bewilderingly naive.

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