Flabbergasting new Rangers farce from the media

Flabbergasting new Rangers farce from the media
He must seriously wonder 'wtf' at times...

More media nonsense today from the normally-reliable Herald has seen a complete ‘whatabouttery’ and ridiculous 180 or 360 after today’s ‘breaking’ story from them that Rangers are not looking at Israel international Dan Glazer, as we told you earlier.

However, the brazen cheek of the story is astonishing given the outright… let’s say ‘contradictions’ the paper has spouted.

Yesterday, and we quote

“Rangers are looking at Israel international midfielder Dan Glazer, the Herald and Times Sports understands”

That was their exclusive story. They expressed it as theirs.


“Rangers will NOT be making a move for Israeli midfielder Dan Glazer.

Reports had claimed Steven Gerrard was a fan and would consider a swoop.

But Herald and Times Sport understands that is not the case.”

Yes, those ‘reports’ were YOURS, chaps. And we revealed quickly it was a load of absolute nonsense.

Unbelievable – just when you think the Scottish media can’t get any more trashy, they find the biggest rubbish tip and dip and haul a little more.


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  1. Normal rubbish from the press. Although not as bad as the article on the daily record site with the values of our 3 top assets…….

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