€20M for Morelos arrives amidst three-club bidding war

€20M for Morelos arrives amidst three-club bidding war
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 20: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates scoring his team's first goal during the Scottish Premiership match between Hibernian and Rangers at Easter Road on September 20, 2020 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Once again a bid has arrived for Alfredo Morelos, only this time it’s at roughly the level the club wants. A €20M (£18.6M) bid has appeared from French giants Lille, and Serie A cracks Fiorentina and PL side West Brom are also monitoring the situation.

This time, the club now has a real decision to make, and there are no reports yet suggesting it’s been rejected.

Which means chances are that Alfredo Morelos just played his last match for Rangers with a goal at Easter Road and the 24-year old striker, already previously having had agreed terms with the Ligue 1 outfit, will make the switch from Ibrox to the Stade Pierre Mauroy within a matter of time.

Of course, the interest remains from the PL mob and the Italians as well, but only Lille have actually put in the hard numbers for the striker.

And now that fans have seen him score 3 goals in two matches, some have about turned on their previous desire to drive him to the airport and reckon he’s essential in the pursuit of 55.

We’re not sure exactly why – goals have been coming from all over the park this season for Rangers – we have scored 17 goals in 8 matches (3 from el bufalo) and have been winning comfortably without the striker, so why he is suddenly now critical for the title is for better people than us to argue, but that’s what some fans think.

So we’ll defer this one to you lot, our valued readers:

Should Rangers sell Morelos for the €20M?

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  1. I still think we should push for £20 Million Sterling , he’s well capable and will show that once he leaves this terrible SPFucking l . Sunday again was another example of as you say open season on Rangers players especially him .

  2. I’ve voted against selling for one reason only – we should be asking for more than €20 million, especially if an EPL club is watching him.

  3. I think going by his recent lack of attitude, although I think he got booked for mouthing off, but he’s not allowed to open his mouth full stop without getting booked, we should be waiting until the latter stages of the transfer window. I think we could get more. He’s obviously wanted someone will come in with a bid to blow the others out off the water to get their man. They’d be stupid not too.

    • Curtis, he’s shown plenty of attitude recently. All of it bad. Sell, sell, sell. If he continues playing the way he’s been playing his price will plummet. Get the £18.5m and get 2 or 3 players in the door with change in the bank. He’s just never going to be allowed to play his natural game in Scotland thanks to our pathetic referees. Let someone else deal with the circus.

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