Brian Laudrup

Brian Laudrup
19 Oct 1996: Brian Laudrup of Rangers celebrates their second goal during a Scottish Premier League match against Aberdeen at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland. The match ended in a 2-2 draw. Mandatory Credit: Ben Radford/Allsport

We forgot to cover this one, despite our adoration of the man. After a 10-year battle, the Greatest Dane to ever walk the earth, our hero Brian Laudrup has finally been given the all-clear of cancer, in a rare piece of lovely news to cheer up what has been a pretty desperate 2020.

In our humble opinion the finest player to ever put the blue shirt on, the Danish genius was a mesmerising winger, an attacker who did things with the ball we were truly staggered by.

Jim White’s admittedly embarrassing ‘how come you’re so good’ line is immortal, not just because of the cringe factor, but because it was also hilariously bang on.

The ball was just glued to the winger’s feet, and no one could get near him. For us slightly older Bears, this man, along with later, Gazza, was our absolute icon growing up, and we learned a new level of football watching him grace the Hallowed Turf.

Overshadowed a little unfairly by his brilliantly talented brother Michael, Brian was every inch as outstanding as the former Barca star, but his time in Italy, something Michael didn’t have to try, such was his success for the two giants of Spain, rather counted against the younger sibling.

Italy, in those days, wasn’t a place for flowing football, punctuated as it was by catenaccio, and attackers found the going tough.

But Laudrup did find his true calling at Ibrox, and his four years in Govan were some of the best football we will ever see at our club – he produced it in the Champions League too, but against the best of Europe he was only one man – that said, Andy Goram always said if we’d signed the Dane one season earlier we’d have won the Champions League outright, and he’s correct.

But either way, we’re absolutely thrilled for him, wife Mette and kids Nicolai and Rasmine that his awful battle with cancer is done, and he can move on with his life without such a horrible cloud hanging over him.

We salute you sir.

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  1. Great news. The best player ever to play in Scotland. If anyone doubts that get onto YouTube and watch the 5-1 demolition of Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final. It was a brilliant team performance, Gazza was at his cheeky teasing best, Gordon Durie got a hat trick but every step was orchestrated by Brian Laudrup who rightly won Man of the Match. Unfortunately we may never see his likes again.

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