Black Lives Matter, but so do opinions

Black Lives Matter, but so do opinions
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 12: Steven Gerrard, Manager of Rangers FC takes a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement prior to the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and St. Johnstone at Ibrox Stadium on August 12, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We’ve held off this topic for a long long time, preferring to avoid politics on our site, but with every passing Rangers match that sees our team take the knee, we felt it was time to speak up.

The Black Lives Matter movement, fundamentally, is a noble cause of ensuring equality in society between races and religions. Effectively, whatever it started out as, that should be the base aim – that everyone has equal rights.

That is fair, we have no issue with that.

But with each passing week in which the nobility of the movement gets more and more hijacked by toxic division, politics, and barely-concealed agendas of oppressing opinions of those who don’t support the movement, it simply gets more and more nasty.

In short, we’re absolutely sick to the back teeth of seeing sport being used for political gain.

We’ve never liked seeing sport and politics mixed, and our issues with this situation is the astonishing oppression with which media groups especially are peddling the BLM lines to the detriment of all other views.

It’s been hammered home so many times ad-nauseum that we almost forget we’re still in the midst of a global crisis.

And our biggest issue? When our Rangers players to a one are forced to take the knee, to subscribe to the issue for fear of being targeted as racists if they don’t.

In Formula 1, the drivers are given the free choice whether they knee or not, and that is absolutely fair – those who want to express their support in that way, do so, and those who do not want to take that route, do not.

But in football, all players (and managers) are having to do it whether they identify with the action or not.

And just because you don’t want to take the knee does not make you a racist – it just means you don’t want to take the knee. Or indeed do the salute.

Black lives, like all lives, matter – and just like other minority groups, blacks have suffered oppression and injustice throughout the centuries.

But we wish there was a way that allowed supporters of the movement to engage with it to their hearts’ content without those who wish to remain outside being labelled as the bad guys.

Racism is best left behind us, but for us, this movement has now rather gone beyond that.

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  1. Shouldn’t be anything to do with professional sport .
    Shouldn’t be plastered all over Sky Sports and “highlighted” in the highlights of games
    If a player has done it once they have showed support to the cause
    We now have a culture where the press the league’s and the players are so scared not to “Take the knee ” it will never end
    It’s just become a diversity tick box
    I’m 100% not Racist
    But I don’t want Racism rammed down my throat every time I switch the Tele on
    Well done IN for tackling this issue

  2. Couldn’t agree more. I doubt very much that every single player who has taken a knee believes in or supports the Black Lives Matter cause. So that must mean that they are doing it against their will.
    There are many injustices in this world so what makes BLM so special. Formula 1 have got it right and many drivers choose not to take a knee which I think properly reflects what the participants think.
    Or better still keep politics out of sport and just stop. If players want to do it then let them do so in their own time during the warm up in the same way that they pray to whatever God they believe in.

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