A new way to watch Rangers?

A new way to watch Rangers?
One day we'll see this again too...

As we know, of course, Rangers fans, like all fans, are unable to attend matches at present. Yes, the trials for limited numbers may start at some point before the end of the year, but thanks to a bit of a recent ‘relapse’, it probably won’t be any time soon.

However, fans are able at least to watch the matches thanks to RTV, and with the rise in VR tech recently, Ibrox Noise had a bit of an idea.

Could Rangers TV install some VR cameras at Ibrox so fans fortunate enough to own headsets could at least watch the matches in two amazing contexts:

1: Full 3D effect so quality depth.
2: VR Headset giving the ‘being there’ effect.

Football supporters have been denied the basic privilege of attending their team, and of course it’s all about the Rangers on Ibrox Noise so it’s Ibrox we care about, and our own.

While we accept VR tech is not the cheapest, perhaps for a number of the supporters the notion of watching the game in live immersive 3D would be the next best thing to actually being there.

We’ve experienced VR in its finest form – it’s staggering at times.

And for those fans who don’t have VR kit continue as normal with the standard RTV broadcast.

But for those who do have the technology at home, and we know it’s a rising number in the past year, watching a Rangers match at Ibrox in the virtual world would be a pretty good way of making more of a connection with fans and giving the support the sense of actually being at the match, properly.

For those who have the tech, they’ll know there’s no way of explaining just how impressive an experience it is – the only way to know is to actually do it. And that level of immersion in a live Rangers match?

Maybe not the worst idea.

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