72% of polled fans want big action at Ibrox taken

72% of polled fans want big action at Ibrox taken
Edmiston Drive on Match Day... (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Yesterday Ibrox Noise ran a campaign article suggesting a paving over of the barely-used Edmiston Drive plus a dedicated year-round garden plot for Remembrance, as inspired by one reader.

Importantly, we wanted your input to this – was it something you were interested in, only partially interested in, or not at all?

The answer was unequivocal.

Of the hundreds who replied, 4% wanted just the paving, 13% wanted just the Remembrance plot, 11% wanted neither and miles ahead was the pair of them at 72%.

Rangers are of course currently in the midst of making some upgrades and improvements to Ibrox and the area as we speak, and while it’s not cheap, we suspect there is more than enough favour to do the work suggested in this poll as well.

Rangers have been looking to improve both on and off the pitch, for many many years, and this would certainly help with the ‘off’ category.

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  1. More good news , I do hope this can be facilitated. I would however add a big cautionary note to this It must not at any point detract from winning this title . There is no other priority .

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