They’re not as good as they think they are – Rangers must pounce

They’re not as good as they think they are – Rangers must pounce
Stevie watching on this season....

We’re not getting ahead of ourselves by a long way, and in no uncertain terms we are not making a call at this point.


Coupled with our fact-finding piece which revealed Rangers are statistically the best team in Scotland, and the best overall now, Celtic’s dismal domestic start on top of their meltdown last night at the hands of Hungarian side Ferencvaros is the first real sign Parkhead are wilting under the 9.5IAR pressure and Rangers, for now, are thriving.

Rangers’ start to this season has been literally perfect, bar that blot at Livi.

While the football hasn’t been sumptuous on the eyes at all times, it has been devastatingly consistent, and has included two wins over traditional top-6 rivals.

Meanwhile Celtic have stumbled their way through the season and are dumped out, at home, from the Champions League at the first hurdle.

Pacific Self ’94 are not happy, Lennon rambling about how they’re not as good as they think they are and players appear to want to leave.

What a shame.

We told you a few days ago, if Rangers keep up this level of performance and consistency, we will win 55 this season.

Celtic have already lost £20M in revenue thanks to getting horsed out of the Promised Land, and while they probably don’t lack money, that’s £20M less for them to replace those ‘wantaway’ players.

Rangers are currently in a pretty good position, and Celtic, we must say, are not.

We aren’t going to shoot ourselves in the foot, it could all swing and we know that – but at present, it’s the closest we’ve come to a complete sea-change in Scottish football.

They’re definitely not as good as they think they are.

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  1. Correct thats why there so desperate to get the fans back in and even that was knocked back😂its all going tits up at parkheed,1-2😂,taxi for lemmon🚕

  2. And even better than that result lastnight- Charlie Nicholas sacked by sky sports😂😂😂bouncy bouncy bouncy
    Lemmon odds on to go😣please stay😂

  3. It was very amusing to see the rotten mob bombed out of Europe by a lesser team , we have been there as we know but never the less I was chuckling away . I said it last season and will say it again they are not a good side they are weak at the back and lack creativity in the middle . Edward looks like he wants to leave , as does McGregor , I dont know what Forrest is ??. Anyway enough of them I dont care who they sign or what they do , we will win the league this year , nuff said

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