The big debate – Rangers’ axed pair

The big debate – Rangers’ axed pair
McCrorie halfing Dembele

With Steven Gerrard absolutely confirming today that both Greg Docherty and Ross McCrorie are finished at Ibrox, Ibrox Noise wanted to ask our readers how they felt about this.

Both players have historically been popular with fans, and while McCrorie got a few outings after Stevie became manager, ultimately he and Docherty were sidelined and frozen out by the manager.

This hasn’t been universally supported by all fans, and we’re big backers on this site of both players, but Gerrard has the final say, and he wasn’t interested in either of them.

It does of course fly in the face of what he said a year or so ago, and while McCrorie himself has asked for the move away, it was evident he wasn’t going to feature under this manager.

So we ask you guys and gals:

Ross McCrorie and Greg Docherty
Keep McCrorie only
Keep Docherty only
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Are you in favour or against the course both players are on? Where do you stand on it?

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  1. I would love to keep them both, they understand what it means to play for the club and we need depth.
    What particularly concerns me is in 12 months we may only have 1 experienced midfielder.
    Davis will retire, or leave for more game time
    Arfield may well retire or move on looking for game time
    Kamara will go after showcasing himself in the Euros if not before
    Aribo has to be a high chance that if he plays all season as he has started we will not be able to keep him either.
    That leaves us next August with Ryan Jack and a new midfield. Keeping one of them would help with depth and continuity. I cannot understand how Docherty can score and assist more for a relegation threatened team than Aribo can for a promoted team, yet Docherty is not worth a run out.
    Have to trust in SG, but I think he is wrong on Docherty and possibly both. certainly hope we insert advantageous Buy Back and Sell On clauses into both deals

  2. I think it’s a mistake and SG will be held accountable for this whole next season for certain . I rate Docherty slightly better than McCrorie he has a bit more threat and positional sense and goal scoring in his locker. Surely for what they are going to bring in keeping them for cover on wages alone would be a longer term option .

  3. I think it’s all about bad timing for these 2 , probably both good enough to play a part this season , if maybe not a major 1
    Unfortunately we have to stop Celtic this season and with his job possibly on the line ? Gerrard may well want more a experienced player in those positions .

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