Stevie’s ‘worrying’ comments on Greg Docherty

Stevie’s ‘worrying’ comments on Greg Docherty
Gone, and kind of kicked out while he's at it...

Steven Gerrard has today confirmed Greg Docherty is finished at Rangers, but worded it in the strangest way yet by cryptically ‘explaining’ the problem, without any reason why.

Rangers’ manager, smarting from a terrible performance at Livi yesterday, was updating on both Docherty and Ross McCrorie’s respective situations, when he expressed Docherty’s status:

“It’s not going to work for Greg at Rangers, so we are waiting on his decision.”

This is one of the most curious comments yet. This is the same manager who said of Docherty:

“For example, Greg Docherty has been absolutely magnificent with his professionalism and training really well – but in his position we’ve had Ryan Jack who is arguably our player of the season. Greg has done absolutely nothing wrong so I have to be respectful for him and understand his situation. Maybe the best thing for him is to go play football. I can’t stand in his way then.”

And he also later added that despite all this and Docherty being a model professional and doing everything right, it just wasn’t enough.

So just why is Stevie so against this kid?

No one has worked harder to play for the Famous Glasgow Rangers than Greg Docherty, but this manager wasn’t interested even in giving him a run. Even more bizarrely, when he did select him for 2018/2019’s UEL qualifiers his stats were excellent.

But that’s not enough either.

No, we’re really troubled by how Docherty’s been treated here, and frankly something stinks.

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  1. This a strange outcome for a lad who would love to be a Ranger . He has done everything he has been asked , both at Ibrox/Auchenhowie. Shone on both loan outings in fact Shrewsbury named him player of the year . I watched that drivel yesterday and one of the key elements, one of many I may add, missing was good Scottish aggression and desire . Docherty is definitely good enough to play for the famous . If SG can’t see that it’s yet another example of his lack of know how or disregard for how to win in Scotland. Mistake

  2. Young players are never going to get a chance with us as long as Stevie G is the manager. That’s not just me saying that, it’s back up with evidence.
    We absolutely waste our young players and then wonder why we don’t have any youth prospects coming through. We actually have a decent amount of young players , they get to a certain level and then stagnate because of lack of progession to the first team. We then sent them out on loan, were generally they do well and shine. They then come back to the club and disappear.
    Was there not an article at the start of the year shown we game the least amount of game time to youth players than any y team in the league and by some margin.
    Paterson will be then next player to leave as it will soon dawn on him that no matter how badly Tav plays, he will also play. He will also realise that if he does get a game and plays amazing, he will be dropped straight away for Tav

  3. Rangers way of dealing with young players is not the civilized way to treat any employees. Any player will look at Docherty situation and only sign for Gerrard if Rangers pay way more than anybody else

  4. What’s troubling. SG sees him every day & simply doesn’t rate him better than what we have. There’s no conspiracy just a manager with a different opinion over a player than ibrox noise. It’s not 1st time & won’t be last

  5. I don’t see the contradiction between Gerrard refusing to play Docherty and at the same time praising his attitude, professionalism and workrate (I’m sure Jason Holt and Andy Halliday were the same). He just doesn’t rate him better than other players in the squad and I’ve got to say I reluctantly agree with him.

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