Stevie introduces dramatic new policy at Ibrox

Stevie introduces dramatic new policy at Ibrox
Stevie watching on this season....

We’d like to draw your attention to this quote from Steven Gerrard at his presser today:

“As a manager you analyse your players on a daily basis and pick the ones you think are going to get you the right result. You don’t pick on name or reputation. You pick the players who are training hard, who are focused and who are listening, taking messages on board and going to give you the best chance for your team to get the right result. Last week we made a decision for the benefit of the team and the squad. Cedric Itten and Kemar Roofe came in and I thought their application was really good, I was really happy with their performance considering it was their first starts. There was real positive signs with Kemar getting off the mark and Cedric’s work-rate. What I will say is we’re in much better shape from an attacking point of view in terms of options. We’re not heavily reliant on one person.”

This was in relation to Alfredo Morelos and his prospects of starting tomorrow.

Now, we couldn’t agree more – don’t pick based on who they are, pick based on what they do.

Gerrard advocates clearly that he will not select a player based on his reputation or what his name is, and that’s why Morelos is far from guaranteed to start.

But this rule seems to have no bearing on James Tavernier and Connor Goldson, who clearly ARE picked on their names.

Now, before we go further, both of them have actually been decent his campaign – Tavernier’s crossing has been useful, and his defending better than many credit him for, while Goldson hasn’t done a lot wrong and indeed has forged useful partnerships with both Filip Helander and especially, Leon Balogun.

But here’s the catch – it wasn’t always this way.

There have been numerous times under Gerrard’s leadership that both Tavernier and Goldson have been absolutely appalling – and had spells of dreadful form.

Indeed, to this day neither of them are especially the toast of fans, and most of them question the selection of the pair.

So why didn’t that name and reputation rule apply then?

In short, why are Tavernier and Goldson completely immune to the laws which govern the rest of the squad?

Gerrard is bang on with his approach – pick on form, pick on contribution not on name – but it only applies to 9 slots out of the XI – it definitely doesn’t apply to his first choice CB and his captain.

And we’ve never quite been sure why that is.

Answers on a postcard.

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  1. Totally get your rational, but there has to be some sense of continuity…the best teams always have a nucleus of the same team, especially in defence

  2. Tav gets picked coz he is our captain not to difficult to figure that out.and is only challenged by an 18 year old who has only played against stranraer.who looks good but cant get just thrown into the deep end.goldson has made a few mistakes but he is better than katic and edmondson and helander has been injured

  3. Spot on, Goldson cost us big time twice in Moscow and v Celtic and Tav’s gaffs are too numerous to mention, but he contributes a lot of assists and Goldson is more focused VASTLY improved this season.

    Hopefully, it’s one rule for all from here on in.

  4. At that time he had no alternative he has choices now so the cicumchances have changed and hope it continues he’s getting more experienced as he goes along he will do the business this year

  5. Now as far as I know what’s been done has been done and can’t be changed, football players are human they make errors in the game, but as long as they learn I’m cool with it, people on here posting as if they have never made a mistake in their lives, gies a brekk, if the boss believes in what he’s doing in the present, I’m happy, as I said, what’s been done has been done, tomorrow is where we look let us progress, let’s go forward, a game at a time, a win at a time.

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